About Creation Sites

Creation Sites is a dynamic, creative, and forward thinking digital agency. We have established our business on the back of a central policy of delivering a top personal service at all times.

Our services, which comprises of website development and design, site maintenance, graphics design and branding, digital marketing, mobile apps development, e-commerce, web hosting, and drone aerial photography are all customer-centric and tailored to suit your needs. We have a systemic way of working which involves clearly identifying the needs of your business before adapting our services to meet those requirements.


Since the start of Creation Sites in 2000, it has grown to be one of the leading providers of complete web solutions to organizations across Scotland and the UK. Our company is run by a team with a combined experience in web design, branding and digital marketing, aerial photography, and sales to give you a top-quality, personal, and efficient service.


All our services are reinforced by delivering products of the highest quality, providing a complete end-to-end solution to our numerous clients along with an unbeatable value for money.


We have a lot of clients from all across the UK, and we have also been very fortunate to have established some very good professional and working relationships with a lot of esteemed small, medium, and large businesses.


We see honest, transparent communication as very important, so we keep our communication lines wide open and mutual. You’ll always be informed and enabled right from the start up until project review and even afterward. We believe that is the key to a happy, fruitful relationship and a necessary ingredient for the best results.



Our company operates on the following guiding principles;


Respecting and listening to each other at the same time as working together to attain mutually beneficial results. Every project we handle is assigned to your dedicated project manager who is your direct line of contact with Creation Sites. This ensures that you are always aware of what’s going on, what we require from you, what’s happening next.


We take ownership of the needs of our customers and are accountable for delivering a professional and friendly service.


Being honest and open at all times and maintaining the highest level of integrity at all times.


Always keeping to our words and aiming for quality and excellence in all that we do.


Acting with integrity at all times. Delivering quality service, being responsible and reliable.