The mobile web is experiencing growth in leaps and bounds at an incredibly fast rate and this will continue to happen for a lot more years to come. An increasing number of people are surfing the web through the use of portable devices like tablets (and phablets), smartphones, and game consoles. With the increasing popularity of these mobile devices, you need to have a mobile-friendly website to be able to compete in the world today. This can only be achieved through a responsive website that can fit into multiple screen sizes such as the ones on the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and more.

At Creation Sites, we have the skills to build bespoke mobile websites on the numerous platforms that symbolize your business in a way that is user-friendly. Our design team has the experience and expertise to build and develop mobile websites that will fully represent your business on computer monitors as well as on virtually all available mobile devices in the market at present. We make sure that the mobile site we build for you is built and professionally designed to meet industry standards without conceding on quality in addition to optimizing it for phones and tablets.

By choosing Creation Sites as your company’s mobile website builder, you can avail yourself of a couple of benefits from having a responsive website. These include;

  • Improved connection with customers
  • Potential rise in conversion rate
  • More traffic
  • Visibility on search engines like Google increases
  • Reduced bounce rates from mobile visitors to your website due to an improvement in user experience
  • You are competitively better than your rivals

Why do I require a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Creating a website that’s suited ideally to mobile devices and desktop computers usually incurs additional costs, but the cost associated with lost opportunity is far more than that of being compliant with mobile devices – especially when you think of the rapid take-up of mobile in the near future.

Mobile Visitors Are Focused On A Task

Most times when a client visits your mobile website, they are not looking to check out your products and services, they are more interested in something more specific, like comparing your price and a competitor’s price, checking your phone number or address, our the consistency of your brand across offline and online channels. Providing the information they are looking for with instinctive navigation and a mobile site that loads fast is the first step in the direction of forging a business relationship.

Mobile Users Convert More Easily

Users see your mobile app or site as a pathway or complementary feature towards a conversion. If you can offer your services or products effectively and also create a brand identity via mobile, your potential customers have a better chance of making a purchase.

Distinguish Your Business

Users who are out to make a purchase on your mobile site expect a page loading time of fewer than 3 seconds. But, 85% of mobile pages load in about 4.8 seconds or even longer. So, if your mobile is not only nice looking but also loads checkout pages quickly, your users will use your mobile site more often translating into an increase in e-commerce sales.

You don’t have to think too long or too hard, let us assist you in taking your business to a higher level through responsive web design that satisfies your requirements and needs.