Web Design

A great web design is of vital importance to virtually all businesses, but choosing the right design company or website designer can most times prove to be challenging and pretty difficult. However, at Creation Sites, we have the ability and skills to build any size or type of website that you need. Whether through our e-commerce package or basic package, we are on hand to give you lots of guidance, advice, and help along the way. So, if you think you’re not a technical wizard or technically savvy we are available to help. We build all our websites through a modular method so if you desire to have a CMS or Content Management System, we can easily fit it in.

Your website visitors will always make a judgement about your business inside the first three seconds of the page opening up, this is the reason why the design team at Creation Sites produce bespoke page designs to make sure that your business is portrayed in the best way possible.

Our design will be personalized to meet your needs while taking into consideration the following;

  • User Experience
  • Responsive Layout
  • Your branding


Since the year 2000, Creation Sites has been assisting businesses to thrive online through our exceptional web design solutions. We offer customer service that is unique and which gives our client direct access to the web designer that is working on your project. Over the years we have completed a lot of successful projects while thriving on delivering a quality service by adhering to strict industry procedures and guidelines.


A website design project will only take off after a number of steps have been taken to ensure that everything is in place and ready to go.

Discovery & Strategy

From detailed research to comprehensive analysis and broad planning, foremost website designs can only be created when the goals of a project have been painstakingly outlined so that the key elements are visually spectacular yet simple to use.

Information Architecture

The functionalities, features, and structure of a website needs to be well-defined at the commencement of the project so that everyone involved in the project has an exact idea of what the proposed website should look like and use that for reference during the project.

Creative Design

Designs should be predicated on research coupled with the objectives and goals of each particular project. This is particularly important because the finest creative designs survive on how well they are received by the target audience.

Coding & Development

This phase makes certain that everything on the website can be easily edited by a user via a Content Management System (CMS). There are various CMS available but each one needs to be easy to learn so that businesses can frequently update the content themselves to keep it at its best.

Quality Assurance & Testing

This process usually has a particularly long checklist but it’s essential that everything on the list is done correctly so as to guarantee a successful website launch. Any issues that come up at this stage should be tacked immediately to avoid problems later on. A top quality assurance team will always ensure that every element is examined – from site navigation to registration forms.

Launch & Optimization

The end of the project does not mean the website is complete, it only signifies the beginning of a constant evolution just like with any other great project. Ongoing analysis will be carried out to gauge how effective the individual elements and features of the website are and the level of interaction between the users and the website.


Our portfolio of web design projects is made up of over 100 existing and previous clients. By virtue of our dedicated and committed service, we have built a lot of great relationships through the years while we continue to work in partnership with our customers to make sure that their requirements and needs are always met and they are satisfied with our service at all times.